The regulatory world never stops changing and the expectations placed on authorised firms seem to be forever increasing.

For a busy firm of financial advisers it can be very difficult to find the time to keep up to date with all these regulatory changes, convert them into real processes within the firm, train the staff on those processes and monitor the staff to ensure the processes and standards are being met, as well as do what you are best at which is providing financial advice and planning services to your clients.

Even if you use a large compliance support service provider they will often produce standardised communications and publications and the procedures they suggest may not be tailored to your firm so will need to be adapted to make them more relevant.

Corylus Compliance Services provides a highly professional and entirely bespoke compliance service at a competitive price to small and medium sized financial advisers, specialising in those offering a discretionary portfolio management service. Regardless of whether a larger compliance service firm sits in the background, we will interpret regulatory rules, principles and guidance and present it in language and procedures that mean something to you and are relevant and specific to your firm.

Based in East Anglia / East Midlands but covering the whole UK as necessary.

Corylus Logo

What does Corylus mean?

The business property name is “The Hazels” and the botanists amongst you may recognise that Corylus is the Latin name for the Hazel tree.  The logo above is a hazel catkin!